No-one desires to get caught dashing, and in the end if you happen to drive beneath the velocity restrict, you will not.

However it’s price figuring out the place cell velocity cameras might be this week.

The Avon and Somerset Police Velocity Enforcement Unit cell velocity cameras are scheduled to implement on the following places this week (commencing June 18, 2018).

Cell enforcement should happen at different places throughout the Avon and Somerset Police space.

The speed camera locations for Bristol and surrounding areas have been released by Avon and Somerset Police
The velocity digicam places for Bristol and surrounding areas have been launched by Avon and Somerset Police


A3029 Winterstoke Highway (30mph) Web site: 0243

A37 Wells Highway, Hengrove (30mph) Web site: 3084

A370 Coronation Highway, Southville (30mph) Web site: 3251

A4 Portway Nr Barrow Hill Highway (30mph) Web site: 0150

A4 Portway Nr Roman Approach (40mph) Web site: 0183

A4 Portway Nr Sylvan Approach/Riverleaze (40mph) Web site: 0145

A4018 Falcondale Highway, Westbury on Trym (30mph) Web site: 0109

A4162 Canford Lane (30mph) Web site: 0160

A4174 Callington Highway, Brislington, Bristol (30mph) Web site: 3193

A4174 Hengrove Approach, nr Lakeshore Drive, Bristol (40mph) Web site: 0368

A4174 Hengrove Approach, nr Whitland Avenue, Bristol (30mph) Web site: 0369

A420 Bell Hill Highway/Two Mile Hill Highway, Bristol (30mph) Web site: 3048

Air Balloon Highway (30mph) Web site: 0121

Allison Highway, Bristol (30mph) Web site: 2006

Ashley Hill, Montpelier (20mph) Web site: 0272

Ashton Highway, Ashton Gate, Bristol (20mph) Web site: 0374

Avonmouth Approach, Avonmouth (30mph) Web site: 0294

B3122 Redcatch Highway, Knowle (20mph) Web site: 3054

B4052 Ashley Down Highway, Bristol (20mph) Web site: 0298

B4054 Avonmouth Highway, Shirehampton (30mph) Web site: 0164

B4054 Shirehampton Highway, Shirehampton Park (30mph) Web site: 0156

B4055 Station Highway, Henbury (20mph) Web site: 0345

B4465 Whitehall Highway, nr Gerrish Avenue, Higher Easton (20mph) Web site: 0213

Blackswarth Highway (20mph) Web site: 0244

Broomhill Highway (30mph) Web site: 3086

Calcott Highway, Knowle (20mph) Web site: 0080

Concorde Drive, Southmead (20mph) Web site: 0290

Cumberland Highway, Bristol (20mph) Web site: 2316

Eastfield Highway, Westbury on Trym (20mph) Web site: 0279

Feeder Highway, Bristol (30mph) Web site: 3051

Gordon Avenue, Bristol (20mph) Web site: 0278

Hareclive Highway, Hartcliffe (30mph) Web site: 3119

Hazelbury Highway, Whitchurch (20mph) Web site: 0276

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Hengrove Avenue, Hengrove, Bristol (20mph) Web site: 0263

Hengrove Lane, Hengrove, Bristol (20mph) Web site: 0262

Highbury Highway, Bedminster (20mph) Web site: 0275

Hill View, Henleaze (20mph) Web site: 0289

Hillside Highway, St. George (20mph) Web site: 0003

Hungerford Highway, Bristol (20mph) Web site: 0267

Julian Highway, Sneyd Park (20mph) Web site: 0282

Kings Weston Lane, Lawrence Weston (30mph) Web site: 0176

Kingsway, St George (20mph) Web site: 0356

Girls Mile, Durdham Down (20mph) Web site: 0155

Ladman Highway, Stockwood (20mph) Web site: 0292

Marksbury Highway, Bedminster (20mph) Web site: 0248

Marsh Lane, Bristol (20mph) Web site: 0366

Merebank Highway, Avonmouth (30mph) Web site: 0299

Nags Head Hill, St. George (30mph) Web site: 0177

Petherton Highway, Hengrove (20mph) Web site: 0346

Roman Approach, Bristol (20mph) Web site: 0343

Somerdale Avenue, Knowle (20mph) Web site: 0348

Stockwood Lane, nr Whitchurch Village signal, Stockwood (30mph) Web site: 0088

Stoke Hill, Sneyd Park (30mph) Web site: 0065

Sturminster Highway, Stockwood (30mph) Web site: 3101

Talbot Highway, Bristol (20mph) Web site: 0221

Whitchurch Lane, nr Hawkfield Highway (20mph) Web site: 0240

Whitland Highway, Bristol (20mph) Web site: 0087

Whittucks Highway, Hanham (30mph) Web site: 0284

Wick Highway (20mph) Web site: 3167

South Gloucestershire

The police release the locations for mobile speed cameras in Bristol every week
The police launch the places for cell velocity cameras in Bristol each week

A38 Gloucester Highway, Patchway (40mph) Web site: 0175

A4174 Avon Ring Highway Nr M32 Jct 1 (50mph) Web site: 0125

A4174 Bromley Heath (50mph) Web site: 0024

A4175 Barry Highway, Oldland Widespread (30mph) Web site: 0002

A4175 Excessive Road, Oldland Widespread (30mph) Web site: 3226

A431 Bathtub Highway, Swineford (30mph) Web site: 3213

A431 Bathtub Highway, Swineford (40mph) Web site: 4004

A432 Badminton Highway, Previous Sodbury (30mph) Websites: 0040 & 0241

A432 Cotswold Highway, Chipping Sodbury (40mph) Web site: 0217

A46, Pennsylvania (40mph) Web site: 0251

Abbot’s Highway, Hanham, Bristol (30mph) Web site: 3205

B4039, Acton Turville (30mph) Web site: 0063

B4056 Southmead Highway (30mph) Web site: 0054

B4057 Gypsy Patch Lane (30mph) Web site: 0021

B4058 Bristol Highway, Cromhall (30mph) Web site: 0179

B4058 Rangeworthy (30mph) Web site: 0147

B4060 Bowling Hill (30mph) Web site: 0001

B4465 Westerleigh Highway, Pucklechurch (30mph) Web site: 3209

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B4465 Westerleigh Highway, Pucklechurch (40mph) Web site: 3208

Blackhorse Highway, Mangotsfield (30mph) Web site: 0162

Coniston Highway, nr Falcon Drive, Patchway (20mph) Web site: 0296

Coniston Highway, nr Scotts Park, Patchway (20mph) Web site: 0297

Court docket Farm Highway, Longwell Inexperienced (30mph) Web site: 0038

Down Highway, Winterbourne (30mph) Web site: 0280

Ellacombe Highway, Longwell Inexperienced (30mph) Web site: 3253

Flaxpits Lane, Winterbourne (20mph) Web site: 0274

Hayes Approach, Patchway (40mph) Web site: 0050

Henfield Highway, Coalpit Heath (20mph) Web site: 0376

Henfield Highway, Coalpit Heath (30mph) Web site: 0247

Henfield Highway, Henfield (30mph) Web site: 3021

Mill Lane, Oldland (30mph) Web site: 3188

New Highway, Stoke Gifford (30mph) Web site: 0238

North Highway, Engine Widespread (30mph) Web site: 0042

Overndale Highway, Downend (30mph) Web site: 0239

Park Lane, Frampton Cotterell (30mph) Websites: 3030 & 3027

Park Lane, nr Clyde Highway/Rectory Highway, Frampton Cotterall (30mph) Web site: 0288

Shire Approach, nr Maisemore, Yate (30mph) Web site: 0031

The Road, Olveston (20mph) Web site: 0295

Tower Lane, Warmley (30mph) Web site: 0225

North Somerset

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Dashing in Bristol

A369 Rownham Hill, Bristol (30mph) Web site: 2305

A370, Hewish (40mph) Web site: 2267

Avon Approach, Portishead (30mph) Web site: 2069

B3124 Clevedon Highway, Weston in Gordano (20mph) Web site: 2196

B3124 Clevedon Highway, Weston in Gordano (30mph) Web site: 0190

B3124, Walton-in-Gordano (30mph) Web site: 2199

B3128 Clevedon Highway, Failand (40mph) Web site: 2281

B3130 Wraxall (30mph) Web site: 2221

Baytree Highway, Milton, Weston-super-Mare (30mph) Web site: 2311

Bishops Highway, Cleeve (30mph) Web site: 2323

Church Highway, Milton, Weston-super-Mare (30mph) Web site: 2315

Clapton Lane, Clapton in Gordano (20mph) Web site: 2308

Ebdon Highway, nr St Mark’s Major Faculty, Weston-super-Mare (30mph) Web site: 2243

Manor Highway, Milton, Weston-super-Mare (30mph) Web site: 2340

Nailsea Park, Nailsea (30mph) Web site: 2204

Queen’s Approach, nr Midhaven Rise, Weston-super-Mare (40mph) Web site: 2333

Wansbourough Highway, Worle (30mph) Web site: 2254

Wolvershill Highway, Banwell (30mph) Web site: 2310

Wolvershill Highway, Weston-super-Mare (20mph) Web site: 2328

Bathtub & North East Somerset

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A36 Warminster Highway, Bathtub (30mph) Websites: 3006 & 3047

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A362 Farrington Gurney (30mph) Web site: 3075

A367 Wellsway, Bathtub (30mph) Web site: 3173

A368 Bathtub Highway, Herriotts Bridge, North Widcombe (50mph) Web site: 3083

A368 Compton Martin (30mph) Web site: 3127

A37 Pensford Hill (40mph) Web site: 3150

A4 Batheaston Bypass (50mph) Web site: 3163

A431 Kelston Highway, Bathtub (30mph) Web site: 3033

A46 Swainswick Bypass (50mph) Web site: 3165

Albert Highway, Keynsham (20mph) Web site: 2998

B3110 Midford Highway, Bathtub (30mph) Websites: 2347 & 3161

B3110 Midford Highway, Midford (30mph) Web site: 2675

B3110, Hinton Charterhouse (30mph) Web site: 3015

B3114 Bristol Highway, Chew Stoke (20mph) Web site: 2976

B3114 Chapel Lane, Chew Stoke (40mph) Web site: 7078

B3114 Stoke Hill, Chew Stoke (20mph) Web site: 2647

B3114, Litton (30mph) Web site: 3261

B3115 North Highway, Timsbury (20mph) Web site: 2659

Bathampton Lane, Bathampton (20mph) Web site: 3137

Bloomfield Park, Bathtub (20mph) Web site: 2648

Bloomfield Highway, Timsbury (30mph) Web site: 3276

Bromley Highway, Stanton Drew (20mph) Web site: 2672

Catherine Approach, Batheaston (20mph) Web site: 2665

Cavendish Highway, Bathtub (20mph) Web site: 2652

Charlcombe Lane, Bathtub (20mph) Web site: 2346

Chilcompton Highway, Midsomer Norton (30mph) Web site: 3138

Claverton Down Highway, Bathtub (20mph) Web site: 2673

Claverton Down Highway, Combe Down, Bathtub (30mph) Web site: 2670

Cooks Hill, Station Highway, Clutton (20mph) Web site: 2645

Coronation Avenue, Keynsham (20mph) Web site: 2993

Englishcombe Lane, Southdown, Bathtub (20mph) Web site: 2978

Inexperienced Lane, Hinton Charterhouse (20mph) Web site: 2658

Greenway Lane, Bathtub (20mph) Web site: 2339

Ham Lane, Paulton (20mph) Web site: 2655

Kelston View, Whiteway, Bathtub (20mph) Web site: 2979

Lansdown Lane, Weston, Bathtub (20mph) Web site: 2984

Manor Highway, Saltford (20mph) Web site: 2988

Moorfields Highway, Bathtub (20mph) Web site: 3296

Morris Lane, Batheaston (20mph) Web site: 2662

Newton Highway, Bathtub (20mph) Web site: 2348

Norman Highway, Saltford (20mph) Web site: 2656

Penn Hill Highway, Bathtub (20mph) Web site: 3057

Phillis Hill, Paulton (30mph) Web site: 3179

Pilgrims Approach, Chew Stoke (20mph) Web site: 2654

Poolemead Highway, Bathtub (20mph) Web site: 2345

Queens Highway, nr jct Park Highway, Keynsham (20mph) Web site: 2995

Rock Highway, Keynsham (20mph) Web site: 3093

Southdown Highway, Bathtub (20mph) Web site: 2989

Sulis Manor Highway, Odd Down, Bathtub (20mph) Web site: 2646

The Hole, Southdown, Bathtub (20mph) Web site: 2977

Wedgwood Highway, Twerton, Bathtub (20mph) Web site: 2649


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